• Guests will be allowed at the Club starting June 1st!  


$4.00 per individual/$14 per family

Half price after 6PM – Monday thru Thursday only


$6 per individual/$20 per family


$10 per adult 21 and over

$6 per person under 21

$30 per family

  • Member families are allowed to bring 2 individual guest per day or 1 family on any one day.
  • No person may be a guest of the Club more than twice in any one week (M-F) and no more than 2 weekend days (Saturday-Sunday) per month regardless of how many members may extend an invitation
  • All guest must register at check-in to use the Club facilities.  The sponsoring member must accompany and pay for all guests.

Teen Night

$5 – Members

$7 – Non-members

Teen Night is for all incoming 7th graders through incoming 9th graders.  Pizza and drinks will be provided.


Guest Fees/Credits Explained

Members are now able to pre-purchase Guest Credits through our website. 

Pre-purchasing will save you time at front desk check-in.  Guest passes may be purchased through the website via credit card on the website or with cash/credit card at front desk check-in.  

Each guest credit is $1.

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday): 

4 credits ($4) per person during the day

2 credits ($2) after 6 pm

14 credits ($14) for a family Monday through Thursday

Friday after 6pm, all day Saturday, all day Sunday: 

6 credits ($6) per person (20 credits ($20) for a family)