What are the hours of the pool?

Please see our Hours section of the website for details.

How do I become a member?

Please see our Membership section off the website for details.

Can I bring guests?

Yes, members are allowed to bring guests except for the opening day and closing day parties.  Please see our  section for details.

What about babysitters?

Each membership is allowed to purchase one nanny/babysitter pass which is issued to the member.  Members are responsible for their nanny. The pass may only be used when the nanny or babysitter is watching the member’s children.  If your nanny is coming to the pool with you (the adults on your membership), they will be required to pay a guest fee.  A nanny pass for the summer is $75.  When you purchase the pass you will be required to upload the nanny/babysitters name and a picture.  Please see the Membership section of our website to purchase a nanny pass.

May I leave my children unattended at the pool?

Children under 10 years of age are not permitted on Club premises at any time without constant adult supervision or a designated babysitter 12 years old or older. Children 10 years of age and over may attend the Club without adult supervision, provided they sign-in, giving a phone number where a parent or guardian can be reached in case of an emergency.

How do I reserve a tennis court?

Courts may be reserved one day in advance.  They may be reserved in person or by phone during normal club hours.  A reservation is for 60 minutes.  For detailed reservation rules, please see the Club Policies section of our website.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages to the Club.  The snack bar is also open during club hours for your convenience.

Can I reserve space to have a party at the pool?

Yes, we do accept reservations for a party at the pool.

  • Due to the high volume of member attendance in June, there will be no weekend parties until after July 4th.
  • THSRC can only accept one party reservation per day.
  • Members can only host no more than 3 parties per season.
  • To schedule, contact the Manager or Assistant Manager at least one week in advance.
  • Party Fee: $150
  • 16 children guest limit
  • Submit names and ages of attendees at least one day in advance.
  • All guest children will be given a Deep Swim Test.
  • No parties during any social event, opening and closing weekends, holiday and other weekends determined too busy to accommodate additional events.